Joovy Spoon Walker Review 2021 – Features, Specifications, Pros & Cons

Joovy Spoon Walker has an ultra-stylish framework, with high gloss white polish all over the walker. The seat insert also comes in around six striking colors, including Charcoal, Jade, Blueberry, Greenie, Purple, and Red. All these colors are mostly designed so that they look beautiful and attract babies to a great extent. These features make it best baby walker.

The walker’s seat is perfectly made, so it could deliver maximum comfort and provide extra support to the baby. Thus, providing comfort and safety to the baby at the maximum which makes it the best baby push walker.

The walker’s height is adjustable for three different positions, such that the baby can use it for multiple months. Different types of walkers don’t provide height adjustments to the babies.

Joovy Spoon Walker

So, they become useless after a few months. But this walker is designed so that it can be used for a long time by the baby, and you don’t have to buy another walker for your growing baby. This walker comes with height adjustments, which can be done by sliding the red tab that is present beneath the tray.

The front wheels of joovy walker are swiveling, whereas the back wheels are fixed. Both these features provide maximum stability and balance to the walker. Plus, it also enhances the safety level, so the baby cannot get hurt.

This walker is relatively easy to fold, plus it is lightweight. It is extremely compact such that it needs a small area to store, thus making it a compact baby walker. The other benefit is that it is very easy and convenient to take into the car to. So, you don’t have to carry any heavy walker with you. It is easy to transport and use.

The Joovy Spoon Walker is the best baby walker which is basically a U-shaped walker/highchair combination that delivers a proper and comfortable place for the babies to eat, play, and also learn to walk properly. It is designed in a way that allows the baby to have an extreme level of entertainment.

Plus, it enhances the walking abilities of the babies as well. It is originally manufactured by the American company Joovy, which is very popular because of its useful, highly functional, extremely durable, and innovative products.

It is extremely comfortable and fun to use, so your child will love it. You will also love it as it looks extremely cool. The other benefit is that it is very easy to clean and compact for easy transport and store. Even more significantly, it is sturdy, safe, and highly stable, and all of its components are highly non-toxic.

It contains a proper large tray for holding the baby’s bowl and the bottle. This tray is very easy to clean as you can also wash it with the help of the dishwasher. Thus, this additional product proves very helpful, as it allows you to give food on this highly stable table.

It is perfectly sized, such that it is not so small, plus it is also large enough to allow your babies to hold multiple toys. Thus, it is the best baby walker for small spaces, and the chair is also designed in a way that it also provides extreme comfort to the baby.

Joovy Spoon Walker

When the baby becomes a little large, this walker also supports them to gain more confidence and build up proper leg strength as they take their first steps. Thus, it acts as a multipurpose walker and allows the baby to entertain at maximum.

This detailed review of the Joovy Spoon Walker review will analyze all the features, specifications, pros, cons, and buyer’s feedback.

 Joovy Spoon Walker Features 

This walker contains numerous exciting and useful featuresIt includes a super-sized tray that is armed with a removable insert, easy to wash and clean.


The base of the walker is quite broad, which ensures the safety of the baby’s fingers from getting pressed and also prevents the baby from getting hurt. With a maximum weight capacity of around 30 pounds, it can easily bear a bulky child. Thus, making it the best baby walker for carpets.

Joovy Spoon Walker


The height of around 33.5 inches and the open size of the walker is around 18 x 25.5 x 27.75 inches, whereas the folded size is around 9 x 25.5 x 27.75 inches. All these features make it an ideal walker for use by every baby. Due to joovy spoon walker height adjustment, it is loved by the moms.

Joovy Spoon Walker height

 Seat Pad 

The seat pad is very supportive and provides maximum comfort to the toddler, thus making it the best baby walkers for tall babies. So, the baby can rest in the walker for a long period of time. Plus, it allows you to do your work without any tension. This feature makes it best baby walker for 4 months old.

If the seat pad is not comfortable, it is difficult for the baby to sit in the walker for a long time. But this walker’s seat is very soft and comfortable, so baby can sit in this walker and enjoy at maximum.

Joovy Spoon Walker seat pad

 Material Used for Manufacturing 

This walker’s most useful quality is that it is easy to fold and store, thus occupying a small area, plus it is from BPA, PVC, and Phthalate, which could not prove harmful for babies.

Some types of walkers are composed of hard material and don’t provide comfort to the baby. But this walker is composed of durable and soft material, thus providing maximum comfort to the baby.

Joovy Spoon Walker

 Joovy Spoon Walker Specification 

This walker contains proper specifications as well. The following are the specifications of this walker, which makes it an ideal choice for everyone.

 Folded dimensions 

The folded dimensions are around 9″ (H) by 25 1/2″ (W) x 27 3/4″ (D). Thus you can easily fold this baby walker and place it anywhere you want.

 ssembled dimensions and Weight 

The assembled dimensions of this walker are around 18″ (H) x 25 1/2″ (W) x 27 3/4″ (D). The original weight of this product is around 12.3 lbs.

 Maximum Weight Capacity and Height 

The maximum weight carrying capacity of this walker is up to 30 pounds, and it can bear a height of around 33 1/2″. Both these features makes it an ideal baby walker.

 Distance from the Seatback to the Tray 

The tray is positioned at around 9 1/2″ from the seatback. This feature is of great importance because it provides maximum stability to the baby.


There are many beneficial features of this walker, which makes it an ideal choice for every mom. Following are the pros of this walker, which will help you assist either to purchase this walker or not.

 Extremely Safe 

It contains a reinforced steel frame, which comes along, so it provides extreme safety to the baby, and you don’t have to worry about bouncing up and down of the baby. Even if the baby pushes himself, they can’t get hurt. As the seat is designed in a way that it provides maximum support to the baby.

The babies grow to a great extent; they can transition easily from the baby stage to a toddler and begin to walk easily. But with the modified features, the walker is perfect for use by every baby.

There are multiple types of walkers available in the market, but they don’t have a well-designed base. This problem is also solved by the Joovy walker, as its base is designed in a well and organized way that also prevents the toddler’s fingers from getting jammed between the wall and the sides of the whole tray.

It doesn’t contain BPA, Phthalate, or PVC so you have to worry that your baby is in the presence of harmful chemicals. It is made up of free material from any chemical, thus providing maximum support to the baby.

Joovy Spoon Walker extremely safe

 Durable and Stable 

It is designed and constructed with a very stable and durable material, such that it lasts long. The outer steel-reinforced frame and the seat cover are extremely durable and resilient.

Joovy Spoon Walker

 Highly Comfortable 

The Joovy Walker comes with a highly comfortable seat pad and also a supportive and softly padded high seatback. When your baby sits on the walker, then the happiness on his face will make you realize how happy he is with his new toy. The seat is supportive, plus the tray helps provide maximum support to the baby while eating the meal.

Joovy Spoon Walker

 Multiple Heights Adjustable 

The other useful features are that it comes with three height options, which allow your baby to use the chair when he can’t stand and walk, and then change the height positions to make it useful during walking. Thus, the multiple height adjustments make it an ideal choice for use by any baby.

When you are using this walker only as a chair then, adjust it to the lowest so that your babies’ feet can touch the floor. It will provide a high comfort level to the baby. But when the baby starts growing, you can adjust the walker’s height according to the baby’s height.

Joovy Spoon Walker

 Easy to Clean 

It is designed in a way that it is extremely easy to wash and clean, such that the seat insert of the walker is also machine washable. So, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning process.

Joovy Spoon Walker easy to clean

 Folds Easily 

This is a lightweight baby walker and is very easy to fold. This walker’s design is in a way that can be folded flat, and you can easily transport and store it without any difficulty. This also features this walker as an ideal choice for moms.

Joovy Spoon Walker folds easily

 Quick and Easy Assemblage 

The other useful feature of this walker is that it comes nearly totally assembled. You don’t have to follow any instructions; it is extremely easy to assemble. You just have to rotate the front wheels and then assemble the seat. And now the walker is ready to use, so it doesn’t take much time to assemble.

Joovy Spoon Walker assemblage


The Joovy Spoon baby walker comes with a 2-year warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about anything; if any part of the walker stops working properly, you can get it fixed or replace it with a new one.

Although its composition is highly durable, and you don’t have to worry about anything while purchasing this walker.

Joovy Spoon Walker warrenty


This walker is certified by JPMA, which means this product follows all the standards of the government. Thus, making it entirely safe for use by any baby, and you can buy it without any tension. As it meets all the safety standards, it is incredibly safe to use by the babies.

Joovy Spoon Walker


There are multiple pros of this walker, but there are few cons as well. It would help if you kept all the pros and cons of this walker before making a purchase.

 Seat Cover is Difficult to Remove 

The seat cover is quite difficult to replace, such that it takes some time to remove it. But when you perform it a few times, then it became easy for you to remove it.

 Wheels are Quite Stiff 

The wheels of this walker are quite stiff at the start. But when the baby startusing this walker, then the stiffness decrease.

The upcoming portion of this article is based on the reviews which are delivered by the customers.

 Buyer Feedback of Joovy Spoon Walker  

  • The majority of the reviews for the Joovy Walker are very impressive and satisfactory.
  • Costumes have given positive feedback on the material, sturdiness, and stability of the Joovy Spoon Walker.
  • The parents also love its appearance, plus its easy transport has also impressed the parents.
  • Many parents find this walker useful as it is easy to clean and fold, and it also doesn’t take much space.
  • Whereas, a very few parents said that this Joovy Baby Walker doesn’t move quite well on carpets having long piles.Joovy Spoon Walker buyer feedback

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)  

There are multiple questions that arise in mind while purchasing this baby walker. We have tried to answer all the questions which are usually asked by the customers.

Is it safe?
Ans: YES, it is extremely safe. It is constructed with durable material and designed in a specified way to make it safe and comfortable for the baby.
Is it long-lasting?
Ans: Yes, it is long-lasting, plus it also depends upon the care you do.
Is it expensive?
Ans: NO, it is affordable, so you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money on heavy carts.

 Final Verdict  

Joovy Spoon Walker provides extreme safety and entertainment to the baby. It helps the baby to learn to walk their favorite ride.

Its useful features like providing the ultimate strength, mobility, and stability make this walker an excellent choice for moms. As it is affordable, as it is a cheap baby walker, plus it is very easy to transport, so you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on bulky and expensive carts.

So, you can review this article and know about all the pros and cons of this walker, which will help you in deciding either to make a purchase or not.

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